Start-Up Journey 1

It is almost 5 years since I did hands on work in IT Infrastructure. The consulting work hours were spent towards EA, Cloud Strategy and other IT business areas.

Kuberiter, Inc was launched in March 2017. It took some time to develop the technology idea, business plan and a mock site.

I wanted the money.

I started communicating with Venture Capitalists to show the business plan. They were kind and several of them referred me to someone relevant. I got wonderful suggestions from few investors to formulate the business plan and the approach.


I did not get the funds. Understand it is critical for them to invest money on a Start-Up with few pdf files and a mock site.


I decided to bootstrap my own money and hired two programmers in Trivandrum, India. They are excellent developers but requires System Administration (SA) Support. I can’t afford to hire a full time SA to handle the work and finally, I decided to play the SA role (I have an excellent freelance SA support too).

The product tools such as Jenkins, Docker and Kubernetes are new to me from hands on perspective. It made me nervous but I decided to learn them. The years of System Administration experience helped me to understand the fundamentals and finally started managing those services 4 hours/day.

I worked with our freelance SA yesterday to build a Docker Image for MongoDB with Red-hat Linux base image. The internet has many technology articles for Ubuntu but we didn’t find any for Red-hat Linux.

It took few hours to troubleshoot and build it.

We made it.

The system currently has a Docker Image with MongoDB and functioning well.

The key is learnability.

Our team is willing to learn, fail fast and develop the product continuously. We firefight, fix issues and have fun. Every day looks very promising.

About the VC’s investment: I have not given up yet.

The objective is to develop the product with minimum features, let the customers try it, receive feedback and keep improving the product. Hopefully I will get an investor at some point to hire the necessary resources to continue the momentum.

The configuration instructions for Docker/MongoDB are available at

The Docker image for MongoDB is downloadable from

Kuberiter is an AI based DevOps & Container ecosystem, a SaaS product. The product suite is designed to increase developer productivity and allows faster CI/CD of applications with Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes and an AI based predictive diagnostics.

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